We care for your vehicle, your family, your valuables, in short, your life. These are not just words but as a reputed glass security distributor we have also attempted to implement the same by offering you our security glass shields and various Glass Strengthening Solutions (GSS). Though there are hundreds of security alarms in the market, all those could be useful and effective only when there is an attempt of theft. It could never resist or avoid any damage either to your vehicle or to the occupants of the vehicle. We understand how much your vehicle and your family mean to you and that’s the reason why we are here offering you our glass strengthening solutions. We, GNG Associates, are the authorized distributors of Glass Strengthening Systems and we carry out the functional distribution of the products of Glass Strengthening Systems Inc., USA. We have devoted ourselves to be the glass strengthening solutions distributor in India as we wish for the safety and betterment of the lives of the public residing over here. Unlike any other glass security in India, we offer ‘A’ class security laminates and glass strengthening solutions which has its reputation worldwide.